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Yes, but additional charges may be required. Please follow the same procedures as the bag repair process.

Purchase made in the country of your residence (i.e. bought in Singapore and live in Singapore): 
Please bring the item, along with the warranty card, to the original store where the purchase was made. The sales representative will assist you in getting the repair process initiated (i.e. approximate time it take, fee, etc.).

Purchase made outside of the country of your residence (i.e. live in Singapore, but the purchase was made elsewhere): 
We regret to inform you that PORTER INTERNATIONAL currently does not provide repair services for such purchases. Please contact customer services at porter@alamore.net to see if there is any alternative option can be arranged. We will handle this in a "case by case" basis and we cannot guarantee such repair can be arranged or done.

The majority of time to get the product repaired will be spent in transit, regardless of how simple the repair work may be. This is to accommodate the time it takes to get the product to/from our logistic warehouse & the repair center. Our sales representatives will contact you once the repaired item is back to the store. Pick-up will always be the same location where the item was originally dropped off.

The bag can be brought into any PORTER INTERNATIONAL retail locations. The Sales Representative in the store will assist you in filling out the work order and contacting necessary staff to offer you with a price quote. Please ensure that there is no personal belongings in the bag and all its accessories (e.g. hanging flashlights, keychains, baseboard, etc) are removed before dropping the bag to us.

Please Note : For certain special materials and fabrics, we may not be able to provide maintenance services. Please contact our store Sales Representative for details.

PORTER INTERNATIONAL products are made to ensure satisfaction for the natural lifetime of the product and are guaranteed against defects in material and craftsmanship for a period of 180 days from the date of purchase. Should you require any repairs for a product found to be defective within the warranty period, it will be repaired free of charge. This warranty does not apply to products subject to natural wear and tear, damages, or previously altered/repaired by an unauthorized agent.


A handling fee will incur for repairs caused by wear, negligence, damage from unauthorized repairs, or outside of the warranty period.


The warranty policy does not apply to accessories such as wallet, coin case, key chain, and products with particular material. Also, in order to maintain the concept of each product, we do not accept repair requests that will alter the originality of the product.


Please contact your local PORTER INTERNATIONAL (SINGAPORE) store for repair services. PORTER INTERNATIONAL (SINGAPORE) reserves the right to decline return, exchange, or repair service due to short supply of material, parts or accessories.


At PORTER INTERNATIONAL (SINGAPORE) we do our best to ensure your satisfaction with your online purchase. For further enquiries, please contact our online customer service representatives at +65 6533 8685 or email us to porter_sg@ll-porter.com for assistance.


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