Long Wallet

Color / NAVY

Exemplifying the original essence of the brand's specially treated canvas exterior, the designers have reinvented a new collection - the MORI collection. With new metal hardware and color options, this series perfectly showcases the brand's continual dedication to evolve and mature.

  • Zipper Closure
  • Card slots
  • Standard Bill Compartments
  • Zippered Coin Pouch
  • Material: 10 Oz Cotton / PU
  • Size: L19 x H10 cm

The collection is made from canvas and the products are specially treated with a layer of PU to achieve a textured, glossy finish.In order to be environmentally friendly, we use an eco-friendly PU coating which will naturally decompose after years, depending on frequency of use.Before placing the product in storage, make sure to clean the surface and let it dry in a well ventilated area. Always keep the product in a dry and dark place.

The MORI collection comes with two logo designs:"PORTER" is either above or below Porter Man's logo. And comes with two interior label designs, which is written either in cursive or in block letters. Products are shipped randomly.



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