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Just like a kangaroo keeps her young in its pouch for safe keeping, the KEEPERS collection is characterized by its large front pocket made from the specially treated, leather-like fabric found in the MILKY collection. Contrasted with the soft, brushed canvas body, these pockets add an unexpected twist to the otherwise minimalist bag shapes. Immediately recognizable with its simple shapes and muted tones, the KEEPERS collection offers an elegant and casual style for years to come.

  • Outside zip pocket
  • Inside zip pocket
  • Zipper on both sides connecting to the main pocket 
  • Material: 400D Nylon / 10 oz Cotton / PU
  • Size: L23 x W7.5 x H36 cm

The collection is made from canvas and the products are specially treated with a layer of PU to achieve a textured, glossy finish.In order to be environmentally friendly, we use an eco-friendly PU coating which will naturally decompose after years, depending on frequency of use.Before placing the product in storage, make sure to clean the surface and let it dry in a well ventilated area. Always keep the product in a dry and dark place.