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 Since 2001
                                       In English, "porter" means "a person employed to carry luggage".In French, "porter" is a verb,                                        meaning "to carry" while "prêt à porter" means "ready to wear".The combination of meanings                                         makes PORTER INTERNATIONAL an appropriate name for our diverse range of stylish products.

Apart from other fancy and glittering accessories, subtlety and minimalism are the common threads running through each PORTER INTERNATIONAL creation, making it an affordable luxury piece.
Targeting a strong fan base amongst younger generations, PORTER INTERNATIONAL succeeds in melding aesthetics with practicalities to suit their needs. We source our materials from around the world with the highest level of dedication and attention to details, making PORTER INTERNATIONAL a force to be reckoned in the accessories market.

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Bright and comfortable display space infused with local trends. Modern style, knitting creel,
and industrial containers combined with store design. All these elements allow us
to tailor our customer service, product selections, and merchandising to each specific location.

Boundless Cooperation Infinite Opportunities

Since 2008, PORTER INTERNATIONAL has entered a brand new era because of its cooperation with Yoshida & Co., Ltd.
Based on mutual potentials and advantages respectively, PORTER INTERNATIONAL and Yoshida & Co., Ltd together can create immeasurable possibilities.

8 represents 2008-the start of a partnership.

∞ is a mathematics symbol which means infinite and limitless,
showing the idea of transcending boundaries.

The sign symbolizes the unity of Yoshida & Co., Ltd and PORTER INTERNATIONAL,
signifying the close and inseparable linkage of the two to create a
win-win cooperation.

PORTER INTERNATIONAL is an authorized distributor of YOSHIDA PORTER in Greater China.
2010 saw the launch of the first Y.P.I. STORE – YOSHIDA PORTER INTERNATIONAL STORE,
integrating the resources of the two companies. With this new approach,
PORTER INTERNATIONAL foresees unlimited potentials and possibilities down the road.