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Apart from being fearless and brave enough, you need to develop an unbreakable will that can overcome difficulties while facing all obstacles in life. Formed by PU fabric of chevron figure, MORI II becomes your best weapon which will lead you to stride confidently forward in the city, to stand out from the crowds and experience the unprecedented energy. Under the low-profile, dark-colored appearance, the entire collection of comprehensive bag styles and daily sundries carries a strong spirit of adventure, getting ready to present the astonishing power.

  • Exterior zipper and snap pockets
  • Interior zipper and multifunctional pockets
  • Material: Cotton / PU
  • Size: L25.5 x W11 x H39.5 cm

The collection is made from canvas and the bags are specially treated with a layer of PU to achieve a textured, glossy finish. In order to be environmentally friendly, we use an eco-friendly PU coating which will naturally decompose after years, depending on frequency of use. Before placing the bag in storage, make sure to clean the surface and let it dry in a well ventilated area. Always keep the bag in a dry and dark place.