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Most notable for its highly saturated color, the SPIRIT collection is a bright and luxurious new take on PORTER INTERNATIONAL's classic styles. These eye-catching colors, combined with our brand's highly recognizable designs, are set to become the next generation of it bags. The SPIRIT bag makes a bold fashion statement with even the most simple of outfits, making your street look an effortless affair.


  • Detachable strap
  • Interior zipper and multi-functional pockets
  • 2 ways-shoulder bag & waiste bag
  • Material: 10 oz Cotton / PU
  • Size: L20.5 x W(2.5+2.5) x H12 cm

The collection is made from canvas and the products are specially treated with a layer of PU to achieve a textured, glossy finish.In order to be environmentally friendly, we use an eco-friendly PU coating which will naturally decompose after years, depending on frequency of use.Before placing the product in storage, make sure to clean the surface and let it dry in a well ventilated area. Always keep the product in a dry and dark place.